Day Two- Eustress & Distress

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Mr. Thomas

Georgia State University

Click belowto download Lesson Plan:

A. In groups of two or three, answer the following questions using the resources below on your own paper.
B. Go to the discussion link, and reply to the three questions. Be sure to put all team members names.

1. Define stress and list the signs of stress
2. Explain why some situations stress students while other situations do not
3. Distinguish between good stress and bad stress
4. What happens to a persons body during good stress? What happens to a persons body during bad stress?

Stress Defined
Signs of stress
Reducing Stress
Good and Bad Stress
Good Stress/Bad Stress
Distress and Eustress
Teen Stress
When Doctors Want Stress Relief, what Do They Do?
Personal Stress management
Tools for Stress Relief

Eustress and Distress Webquest